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Thursday, February 28, 2008

"www.KIVA.org" - check this out


After surfing in internet for hours, unintentionally, I found one site with simple idea but has been changing so many people around the world to improve their welfare.

Kiva.org is non-profit community that is revolusioning the fight against global poverty. This community is a place for many donators around the world (mostly from US, UK, Canada) to connect with and make personal loans (only $25) to low income enterpreneurs in developing countries. Most of the poors are self-employed enterpreneurs and a small loan to purchase bussiness-related item (such as sewing machine, livestock, etc) can empower them to earn the way out of poverty

From Kenya to Ecuador, microfinance institutions (MFI) around the world go to Kiva.org and post photos and profiles of low income entrepreneurs in need of money for their businesses.

Lenders go to Kiva.org and browse through profiles of low-income entrepreneurs (a dairy farmer in Kenya, a man who wants to open a shoe shop in Honduras, or a tailor in Bulgaria, etc...). Lenders can then loan as little as $25 to the poor entrepreneur of their choice via PayPal, a globally recognized online payment service. Journal updates keep the lenders informed about the progress of the entrepreneur they sponsored. Loan repayments made by the entrepreneur over the course of about 6-18 months are sent back to Kiva by the MFI partner.

I believe, You will get a higher return on $25 helping someone build a future than the interest your checking account pays. So?? If you already had more than enough money for your life, why don't you use just a little of your money for helping other poor people around the world like some people of Kiva?

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